Herbal medicine


Chinese herbalism is a significant pillar of Chinese medicine. Most often Chinese herbs are prescribed via formulas which are elegant combinations of individual herbs synergistically combined to enhance effectiveness.

Tablets and tinctures

White Pine is committed to using only the highest quality Chinese herbs. We exclusively dispense K’an Herbals and Traditionals tablets and tinctures because of the company’s stringent testing of herbs grown in China. Their commitment to setting the gold standard leads to high-quality, clean Chinese herbal formulas.

Local Medicinals

In addition to dispensing K’an herbs, we also gratefully source locally grown herbs when possible. There is an active domestic movement to grow Chinese medicinal herbs that we support by consulting with local farmers and proudly selling their products.

Essential Oils

Part of our herbal approach includes prescribing essential oil blends. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquid extracts derived from leaves, stems, bark, or roots of plants.  We prescribe small amounts of these highly concentrated oils, sometimes singly and often in a blend, for application on acupoints. Each blend is custom-tailored for the individual.