Winter Vibes

As we wrap up this year, may we continue to harbor the light through the darkness.

May this snow angel of the west lead the way.

Happy New Year!

Spring Blossoms 2021

Oh weeping cherry blossoms! Take me there.

With the arrival of Spring, let us revere the elegance of the haiku master Basho:

first celebrate

the flowers in your heart

confined in winter

Treasuring the Now of this Fall

Autumn is here.  🍁 In Chinese Medicine, Fall is associated with the Metal element, the Lungs and Large Intestine, connection to Spirit, and grief. It is the season of balancing light and dark, as the light fades from the fullness of Summer and we head gently towards the dark of Winter. The quality and timing of the light has shifted, and this affects us profoundly. We can feel the ethereal nature of the Metal energy, influencing our Lung Qi, aligning us with the natural rhythms of letting go, as witnessed in the trees’ letting go of their leaves.  

Often there is a feeling of emptiness as we feel into the impermanence of it all.  This emptiness is natural and can be a source of inspiration.  Our connection to the spiritual realm is most readily available at this time, as the Metal energy provides that clear conduit.  The more we can show up and tune into the Now, the more at peace and in alignment we can be. Savoring moments of stillness and quietude as we behold the beauty surrounding us is a great way to honor this Lung/Metal time of year.  We can readily assimilate that outer beauty and mystery into our inner world, by intentionally harnessing the Lung energy upon inhalation to radiate that heavenly energy into our core. 

 Breathing in inspiration, freshness, clarity as we release through the exhale all that is ready to clear.  

It is simple yet profound. That emptiness serves as a clean slate so that we can receive the heavenly guidance and inspiration. The empty container is open to receive. 

In closing, I have a haiku to offer for this time. 

autumnal light sparked

a remembrance, out of time

dropping into now

In appreciation of this time here and now,

Sally Robinson, L.Ac.


Love Summer 2020

In Chinese Medicine, Summer is the season of the Heart ♥️ and Fire 🔥.

With so many layers of complexity, confusion, fear, and disharmony taking the world’s front stage, a’ la Corona virus pandemic, environmental degradation, massive racial injustice, and horrific disregard for animal warfare…….I find one aligning principle to be a unifying must:


To that end, this quote by Charles Dickens is the ultimate:

A loving heart is the truest wisdom
Hollyhock splendor

Holding true to the quest of cultivating and spreading love and peace,

Sally Robinson, L.Ac.



A bit of inspiration

From a great little book loaded with gems, The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura:

A special contribution of Zen to Eastern thought was its recognition of the mundane as of equal importance with the spiritual. It held that in the great relation of things there was no distinction of small and great, an atom possessing equal possibilities with the universe. The seeker for perfection must discover in his own life the reflection of the inner light.

I 💛 Late Summer

Seriously. A whole season unto itself for the transition from Summer to Fall.

In Chinese Medicine, this is the time of the Spleen (and Stomach), the color yellow, the emotion of empathy or sorrow, the direction of center, and the element of Earth. The aspect of the spirit associated with the Spleen/Earth element is the Yi, which is the mind/intellect. This is a great time to begin or rededicate oneself to a meditation practice to cultivate the calm, clear mind.

The Earth/Spleen Qi is also about boundaries and our sense of self. This makes it a natural time to reflect on how we are doing with maintaining boundaries and concurrently how we are doing with caring for ourselves.

Acupuncture treatments, especially including moxa, are an excellent way to bolster the Spleen Qi and transform Dampness which is prevalent now with all the humidity. The moxa burns through that foggy layer, allowing us to feel more free and clear in our upright Qi….manifesting in healthy boundaries, strong immunity, and self containment/confidence.

Enjoy these precious days of cool fresh mornings, steamy afternoons, and relaxed evenings.

Haiku on Late Summer:

while forest bathing

I sensed a quiet sadness

quite familiar

from whence does it come?

is it of the Earth or my own?

empathic sorrow

Sally Robinson, L.Ac.


Summer 💜 Vibrations 2019

Hello, Summer!
Summer time is the season of the Fire 🔥 element, the color red, the emotion of joy, and the bitter flavor.  This is such a natural time to facilitate our hearts opening, as we embrace the longer hours of light.  

May we resonate brightly with the big fire (the sun) igniting the little fire within us (our hearts), feeling and sharing love.

In closing, one of my most treasured summery haikus of Basho’s:

seek on high bare trails



mountain-top jewels

See you soon for some heart nourishing acupuncture❤️


Sally Robinson, L.Ac.


Spring Blooms and Voting

Greetings on this fresh spring morning!

Cherry Blossoms

     Cherry blossoms, tulips, and flowering pear and plum trees abound while birds sing their songs of praise…..aaaahh the delights of Spring. 

     Spring is a time of new beginnings, and in Chinese Medicine it is connected with the Wood element, the color green, growth and flexibility, anger (when there is constraint), and the Liver and Gall Bladder.  Spring is a great time to support our body’s innate purification system by nourishing this Wood energy within ourselves.  This is the time where we emerge from the depths of a cold winter, bringing forth our seeds/ our visions.  It’s time to let it grow!

Here is a profound passage about the cherry blossoms….

From Kakuzo Okakura’s Book of Tea,

Some flowers glory in death—certainly the Japanese cherry blossoms do, as they freely surrender themselves to the winds. Anyone who has stood before the fragrant avalanche at Yoshino or Arashiyama must have realized this. For a moment they hover like bejeweled clouds and dance above the crystal streams; then, as they sail away on the laughing waters, they seem to say: “Farewell, O Spring! We are on to Eternity.”

Also with Spring comes the time to vote for the businesses you love and cherish in the Best of WNC. Voting goes through April 30th. Thank you for all your support!

Click on the link above to vote. Many many thanks!

In praise of the blossoms and appreciation for Spring,