Treasuring the Now of this Fall

Autumn is here.  🍁 In Chinese Medicine, Fall is associated with the Metal element, the Lungs and Large Intestine, connection to Spirit, and grief. It is the season of balancing light and dark, as the light fades from the fullness of Summer and we head gently towards the dark of Winter. The quality and timing of the light has shifted, and this affects us profoundly. We can feel the ethereal nature of the Metal energy, influencing our Lung Qi, aligning us with the natural rhythms of letting go, as witnessed in the trees’ letting go of their leaves.  

Often there is a feeling of emptiness as we feel into the impermanence of it all.  This emptiness is natural and can be a source of inspiration.  Our connection to the spiritual realm is most readily available at this time, as the Metal energy provides that clear conduit.  The more we can show up and tune into the Now, the more at peace and in alignment we can be. Savoring moments of stillness and quietude as we behold the beauty surrounding us is a great way to honor this Lung/Metal time of year.  We can readily assimilate that outer beauty and mystery into our inner world, by intentionally harnessing the Lung energy upon inhalation to radiate that heavenly energy into our core. 

 Breathing in inspiration, freshness, clarity as we release through the exhale all that is ready to clear.  

It is simple yet profound. That emptiness serves as a clean slate so that we can receive the heavenly guidance and inspiration. The empty container is open to receive. 

In closing, I have a haiku to offer for this time. 

autumnal light sparked

a remembrance, out of time

dropping into now

In appreciation of this time here and now,

Sally Robinson, L.Ac.