Fall (for real)

966DAD32-0D32-4CBA-85F5-28571BB646C8Hello to Fall, and farewell to the morning glories! These ones in the window boxes had their time of glory, but at least their replacement is the uniquely fresh cool morning air that only fall brings at this degree of perfection.  Aaahhh.

Chinese Medicine associates fall with the Lungs and Large Intestine, the Metal element, the sky, the clouds, the color white, and the emotion of grief and nostalgia.  Our Lungs are constantly bringing in the new (oxygen) and letting go of the old (carbon dioxide.)  With each breath, we begin anew. This is a natural time to let go, as beautifully demonstrated by the deciduous trees shedding their leaves.  As we let go with each breath, our Lung Qi(energy) discharges, releasing refuse, including emotion.  The more readily we can consciously engage with this process of letting go, the more spaciousness we allow for authentic presence.  In being present, we are engaged with the richness of life through all of its ease and complexity.


So, come on in! Let’s cultivate some Lung Qi, acclimate to Autumn, boost the immunity, let go of some stuff and make room for fresh fall inspiration!

Haiku for fall……



a puffy white cloud

rolled on by, depositing

droplets of love lost


Sally Robinson, L.Ac.



Late Summer 2018

Thoughts on the Season….



Calm mind.

This season of Late Summer is associated with the Spleen and Stomach, the Earth element, the directionality of center, the color yellow, and compassion.  Presently, we find ourselves between Summer and Fall.  The Spleen Qi/Energy is what sustains us through transitions.  We are always looking to support the Spleen as we move from one season to another.  This whole season is a transition; so the Spleen is ready to shine! To keep that Qi shining, we want to nourish our Spleen Qi.  Spleen Qi is reflected in both our digestion and our mind.  In Chinese medicine, they are very closely inter-related.  When we are digesting and assimilating both our food and our emotional experiences well, then the mind is calm and clear.

Finding time to sit in stillness, meditation, on the Earth is a powerful way to nourish Spleen Qi.  We can feel into the pause of transition.  This process keeps us centered in ourselves and allows time and space for digesting the circumstances of our lives.

There is also a proclivity for Dampness to set in at this time of year.  There is a lot of humidity which can be challenging for the Spleen….it hampers the flow of Qi.  Burning moxa on acupuncture points is potently effective at transforming Dampness.  We can review which points would be most indicated for you.  I am equipped to send you home with moxa you can burn yourself.  This process helps improve sluggish digestion, foggy headedness, and joint pain, AND the smell of the burning mugwort (moxa) calms the mind!

On the topic of compassion, it is our Spleen Qi that allows us to hold space for another, to truly care about someone else’s experience.  Robust Spleen Qi keeps our boundaries intact, not losing touch with our sense of self as we empathize with others.

The author Brene Brown eloquently states on this subject,

”Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded.  It’s a relationship between equals.  Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others.  Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.”

Enjoy Late Summer!


Sally Robinson, L.Ac.





Summer ♥️

Summer is here! Summer is the season of the Heart, joy, Fire and laughter.  Our energy is more expansive under the Sun’s extended rays.

9B1CF951-69CD-40D0-90EE-6B34F12FD97A.jpegThe fiery energy of Summer encourages us to open our hearts.  When our hearts are open, our Shen(spirit) is calm and content. Perhaps like the stargazer pictured above, we may emulate that beautiful unfurling of petals as we let our hearts shine forth!  Offering up our own, unique light….

In sync with this offering of light is a passage by Carlos Castaneda:

”To seek freedom is the only driving force I know.  Freedom to fly off into that infinity out there.  Freedom to dissolve; to lift off; to be like the flame of a candle, which, in spite of being up against the light of a billion stars, remains intact, because it never pretended to be more than what it is: a mere candle.”

Enjoy the bright warmth of Summer!

Sally Robinson, L.Ac.



Spring has sprung, and with it comes voting time!


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Winter and Water 💦 2017

Wintry greetings!

Happy Solstice!

In Chinese Medicine, Winter is the season of the Water element, associated with the Kidneys, the colors blue and black, the emotions of fear and conversely  willpower.  With the shortened days of light, we are called to pull in and restore.  In this time of year, we experience more time in the dark of night.  This darkness is imbued with mystery and inspiration.  Can we embrace the calming, restorative nature of the extended darkness? We know that there is always a spark of light contained in the dark, and even in the depths of the dark night, we can trust the certainty of the coming dawn.  This inward restorative process is very nourishing to the Kidneys.



In keeping with the tradition of sharing a haiku to honor the season, I have selected one from the renowned Japanese haiku master, Matsuo Basho. It seems to aptly capture the essence of Winter:


weather beaten

wind pierces my body

to my heart


My sense is that to be pierced by the elements, or by the  circumstances of one’s life, requires an agreement of sorts from our Kidney aspect.  Could we be willing to push though any fear or trepidation and even invite the intense weather/circumstances into our lives? I think yes. Once there, to be in one’s Heart is to be in alignment with the unfolding of one’s life.  The Heart is the balancing counterpoint to the Kidneys.  By embracing the Will of our Kidneys, pushing through fear, we can find our way into the residence of our Heart.

With this Winter’s arrival, let us welcome the inherent balance of the Fire of the Heart with the Water of the Kidneys, seeking and trusting the interplay of activity and rest, determination and fear, and radiance and darkness.

In closing, I hope this time of Winter and Water finds you feeling inspired to rest and restore, and to step more fully into your Heart which is well equipped, thanks to the support from the Kidneys below, to go forth with the sensitivity, boldness, and loving nature that is its natural way!

With love,

Sally Robinson, L.Ac.



Falling into Fall 2017

We are (finally!) falling into Fall.  The cool, crisp mornings and bright blue autumnal skies and brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and red leaves make us just want to, “aaahhh.”

Breathing in the new freshness and exhaling the old is what our Lungs do all the time.  And this season of Autumn is when the Lung Qi really shines! This is the season of Metal, Lungs and Large Intestine, the color white, the emotion grief, and the spicy flavor.  The Metal energy is about letting go of what’s no longer serving us.  Equally paramount to the letting go process is receiving inspiration  and fostering a spiritual connection, bringing richness to our existence.


Have you ever smelled a moonflower?

The heavenly white moonflower blossom offers tremendous inspiration with its enchanting fragrance and night blooming delicate petals!  Its name alone invokes the heavens, the abode of the moon.  The celestial realm is the domain of Metal.  The skies of stars, planets, and the Milky Way reflect brilliance and invite wonder as we contemplate infinite space, and therefore infinite possibilities.

In keeping with tradition, I’ve composed a haiku intending to portray the sentiment of the season and possibly bring a bit of inspiration….


clouds of nostalgia

part to release stars shining

on a chest of hope


It is with love that I wish for you a lovely, rich Autumn.  I hope it is a time of letting go and deeply nourishing yourself, most specifically your Spirit as the elemental energies are aligned to naturally encourage the release of grief and loss.  The more we can surrender to this movement of emotion, the more open we can be to inspiration and devotion.


Sunflower Seed Spiral! and these nutritious seeds nourish Lung Qi!

With love and inspiration,

Sally Robinson, L.Ac.

White Pine Acupuncture