Spring Blooms and Voting

Greetings on this fresh spring morning!

Cherry Blossoms

     Cherry blossoms, tulips, and flowering pear and plum trees abound while birds sing their songs of praise…..aaaahh the delights of Spring. 

     Spring is a time of new beginnings, and in Chinese Medicine it is connected with the Wood element, the color green, growth and flexibility, anger (when there is constraint), and the Liver and Gall Bladder.  Spring is a great time to support our body’s innate purification system by nourishing this Wood energy within ourselves.  This is the time where we emerge from the depths of a cold winter, bringing forth our seeds/ our visions.  It’s time to let it grow!

Here is a profound passage about the cherry blossoms….

From Kakuzo Okakura’s Book of Tea,

Some flowers glory in death—certainly the Japanese cherry blossoms do, as they freely surrender themselves to the winds. Anyone who has stood before the fragrant avalanche at Yoshino or Arashiyama must have realized this. For a moment they hover like bejeweled clouds and dance above the crystal streams; then, as they sail away on the laughing waters, they seem to say: “Farewell, O Spring! We are on to Eternity.”

Also with Spring comes the time to vote for the businesses you love and cherish in the Best of WNC. Voting goes through April 30th. Thank you for all your support!


Click on the link above to vote. Many many thanks!

In praise of the blossoms and appreciation for Spring,