Falling into Fall 2017

We are (finally!) falling into Fall.  The cool, crisp mornings and bright blue autumnal skies and brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and red leaves make us just want to, “aaahhh.”

Breathing in the new freshness and exhaling the old is what our Lungs do all the time.  And this season of Autumn is when the Lung Qi really shines! This is the season of Metal, Lungs and Large Intestine, the color white, the emotion grief, and the spicy flavor.  The Metal energy is about letting go of what’s no longer serving us.  Equally paramount to the letting go process is receiving inspiration  and fostering a spiritual connection, bringing richness to our existence.


Have you ever smelled a moonflower?

The heavenly white moonflower blossom offers tremendous inspiration with its enchanting fragrance and night blooming delicate petals!  Its name alone invokes the heavens, the abode of the moon.  The celestial realm is the domain of Metal.  The skies of stars, planets, and the Milky Way reflect brilliance and invite wonder as we contemplate infinite space, and therefore infinite possibilities.

In keeping with tradition, I’ve composed a haiku intending to portray the sentiment of the season and possibly bring a bit of inspiration….


clouds of nostalgia

part to release stars shining

on a chest of hope


It is with love that I wish for you a lovely, rich Autumn.  I hope it is a time of letting go and deeply nourishing yourself, most specifically your Spirit as the elemental energies are aligned to naturally encourage the release of grief and loss.  The more we can surrender to this movement of emotion, the more open we can be to inspiration and devotion.


Sunflower Seed Spiral! and these nutritious seeds nourish Lung Qi!

With love and inspiration,

Sally Robinson, L.Ac.

White Pine Acupuncture



Late Summer SOIRÉE



Late Summer brings…… a perfect time for a little party! It is a THANK YOU party! Thank you for all of your votes recently….. I am honored to have won 2nd place this year for Best Acupuncturist in the Mountain Xpress Best Of.

Thank you also for being supportive of my path, my practice, and our community!

We hope to see you on the lawn of White Pine Acupuncture for a sweet soirée. It is:

Wednesday, August 16



Please come by for refreshments, flowers, and fun! Come as you are. Your friends, spouses, partners, children, and grandchildren are all welcome! We will also be offering fantastic henna designs on the skin for those who are interested.

And, keeping with tradition, I’d love to share a bit about Late Summer.  For starters, I LOVE that in Chinese Medicine, it is a season unto itself. Some of the cherry trees have been dropping yellowing leaves, the setting sun has become more orangey in its hues, and we have had days of low humidity and cool evenings and mornings! This is the in-between season.  In between is akin to transition.  And transition is under the domain of the Spleen.  Late Summer is associated with the Spleen and Stomach, the Earth element, the color yellow, the sweet taste, compassion, and the direction of Center.  We maintain our sense of center thanks to our Spleen Qi/Energy whose mission is to keep the fluids moving and to assimilate our food and drink into available energy. When the Spleen (and Stomach) are doing this well, we feel strong and calm, centered, ready for what’s next.  An excellent way to support the Spleen Qi is with moxa. The moxa helps to build and move Qi, and keep the fluids from stagnating. This is something you can do at home, as well as on the treatment table.  Please ask if you are interested in getting some moxa and a little tutorial on how to do it yourself.


Haiku for Late Summer:

the sunflower’s seed

found its first home in the Earth

then skyward it grew


searching for center,

its bright  yellow flower head

makes its circle home


Happy Late Summer! Hope to see you at the soirée!



Sally Robinson, L.Ac.

White Pine Acupuncture




Heart of Summer, 2017

Happy Summer!!!


Siena’s bright smile


In Chinese Medicine, the Summer is associated with the Heart, the Fire element, the Shen(spirit) and joy and laughter.  With the arrival of Summer, we are encouraged to open our hearts and inhabit our heart space more fully.  If one were to need clarification of what that may look like, see the picture of Siena above!

In the springtime we were in the Wood phase, growing and expanding, preparing for and embracing growth. The garden is a perfect metaphor and realistic manifestation of this transformation as the Wood/Liver energy was preparing the beds, planting the seeds, watching the sprouts emerge and now in the Fire/Heart time we see the flowers revealing their offering, their beautiful, fullest expression.


Flowers opening the Heart of Summer

So, what can we do to cultivate our Heart/Fire energy? We can turn our internal spotlight onto our human heart.  By bringing awareness to our heart, we can connect with the benevolent nature of humanity.  Relishing kindness, love, and compassion and embracing the playful, joyous nature of our heart energy is a significant and effective way to live life, and much more naturally available to us in these light  filled days and firefly sparkly evenings of Summer.


Haiku for Summer:


pink, peach, and rose

petals unfurl from within,

sacred fire burns bright

Spring newsletter 2017

IMG_0019Spring greetings!

In Chinese Medicine, Spring is associated with the Wood element, made evident by the green plant world, showing us growth, flexibility, and adaptability.  The Wood element encompasses the energetic networks of the Liver and Gall Bladder, the Gall Bladder being regarded as the strategy oriented mapper and planner, and the Liver the general who executes the strategic plan.  We strive to remain flexible as we grow into our unfolding plans, much like a vine growing around a rock “in the way.” The more we can declutter and free ourselves of known impediments, the better we are equipped to adapt to the ongoing changes that life inevitably presents. So, the notion of spring cleaning is totally synced up with Chinese Medicine theory.  Let’s let go of old build up, clutter, and debris so that we may find ourselves inspired and renewed toward fresh, forward growth aligned with Spring’s momentum.

There are specific acupuncture points on the body to facilitate this process of letting go of energetic clutter and encourage the healthy engagement of Wood energy.  It’s a great time to clean out your closets at home and come in for a treatment to do a similar freshening up!

In honor of Spring renewal, our excellent massage therapist, Jenny Bourdette Lusk, is offering a special.  It is:

3 MASSAGES for $180 through April 30!

You can book with her through our online scheduler; just click the schedule button on the website.

In Asheville, Spring also brings with it the Best of WNC for the MountainXpress local publication.  Please find time to vote for us in the Health and Wellness section. I have been fortunate enough to have won first place in the past, and I would be delighted to receive that honor again! The website for voting is http://www.mountainx.com

In closing, I’d like to share a haiku I wrote for Spring:


green soul peering out

through verdant windows of moss

while plum blossoms drift


Wishing you all a lovely, ever-so-fresh Spring!


Sally Robinson, L.Ac.