Late Summer SOIRÉE



Late Summer brings…… a perfect time for a little party! It is a THANK YOU party! Thank you for all of your votes recently….. I am honored to have won 2nd place this year for Best Acupuncturist in the Mountain Xpress Best Of.

Thank you also for being supportive of my path, my practice, and our community!

We hope to see you on the lawn of White Pine Acupuncture for a sweet soirée. It is:

Wednesday, August 16



Please come by for refreshments, flowers, and fun! Come as you are. Your friends, spouses, partners, children, and grandchildren are all welcome! We will also be offering fantastic henna designs on the skin for those who are interested.

And, keeping with tradition, I’d love to share a bit about Late Summer.  For starters, I LOVE that in Chinese Medicine, it is a season unto itself. Some of the cherry trees have been dropping yellowing leaves, the setting sun has become more orangey in its hues, and we have had days of low humidity and cool evenings and mornings! This is the in-between season.  In between is akin to transition.  And transition is under the domain of the Spleen.  Late Summer is associated with the Spleen and Stomach, the Earth element, the color yellow, the sweet taste, compassion, and the direction of Center.  We maintain our sense of center thanks to our Spleen Qi/Energy whose mission is to keep the fluids moving and to assimilate our food and drink into available energy. When the Spleen (and Stomach) are doing this well, we feel strong and calm, centered, ready for what’s next.  An excellent way to support the Spleen Qi is with moxa. The moxa helps to build and move Qi, and keep the fluids from stagnating. This is something you can do at home, as well as on the treatment table.  Please ask if you are interested in getting some moxa and a little tutorial on how to do it yourself.


Haiku for Late Summer:

the sunflower’s seed

found its first home in the Earth

then skyward it grew


searching for center,

its bright  yellow flower head

makes its circle home


Happy Late Summer! Hope to see you at the soirée!



Sally Robinson, L.Ac.

White Pine Acupuncture