Fall (for real)

966DAD32-0D32-4CBA-85F5-28571BB646C8Hello to Fall, and farewell to the morning glories! These ones in the window boxes had their time of glory, but at least their replacement is the uniquely fresh cool morning air that only fall brings at this degree of perfection.  Aaahhh.

Chinese Medicine associates fall with the Lungs and Large Intestine, the Metal element, the sky, the clouds, the color white, and the emotion of grief and nostalgia.  Our Lungs are constantly bringing in the new (oxygen) and letting go of the old (carbon dioxide.)  With each breath, we begin anew. This is a natural time to let go, as beautifully demonstrated by the deciduous trees shedding their leaves.  As we let go with each breath, our Lung Qi(energy) discharges, releasing refuse, including emotion.  The more readily we can consciously engage with this process of letting go, the more spaciousness we allow for authentic presence.  In being present, we are engaged with the richness of life through all of its ease and complexity.


So, come on in! Let’s cultivate some Lung Qi, acclimate to Autumn, boost the immunity, let go of some stuff and make room for fresh fall inspiration!

Haiku for fall……



a puffy white cloud

rolled on by, depositing

droplets of love lost


Sally Robinson, L.Ac.