Fall 2014 Newsletter

by Mary Beth Huwe

The toasty, fiery heater is on at White Pine these white and misty mornings – a sure sign that we are in the midst of autumn. Here’s what you’ll find in this season’s newsletter:

  • New WP Web site!
  • Welcome to the newest Huwe
  • Fall discount deal
  • Free consultation
  • DIY care for lung dryness
  • Sally’s haiku

I. Our new site is live!
We’re tickled pink, as the saying goes, to announce that our new site is live.

Please visit it at www.whitepineacupuncture.com. From our new site you can schedule an appointment, find info about our rates and services, our clinic’s history, FAQs, practitioner bios, haiku, and more! We’d be grateful if you’d poke around a bit; your clicks will help our site be found by search engines. Please let us know what you like, and what you’d like to see that’s not there. If you come across any typos or broken links, you can contact us. Thanks!

II. Brian Huwe, L.Ac.
We’re happy to welcome another acupuncturist to our team, Brian Huwe. Brian is White Pine’s first-ever male practitioner, and we’re delighted to have him. Brian was a student of science and philosophy, and his love for Chinese medicine is palpable. You can check out his bio (and his photo) on the practitioner page of our new site!

III. Treatment discount

Acupuncturists and herbalists Brian and Mary Beth Huwe have recently joined White Pine, and we’re offering a discount on acupuncture to welcome the Huwes and to encourage patients to experience their treatments.

New patients to White Pine can schedule their first visit to the clinic with Mary Beth or Brian to receive 15% off the treatment cost ($119 instead of $140 for a two-hour appointment.)

For existing White Pine patients, the first acupuncture treatment with Mary Beth or Brian is 15% off ($68 instead of $80.) This appointment will last 1.5 hours.

Please help us spread the word, and share this info with your friends! This offer ends November 30, 2014.

IV. Self-care for fall
In Chinese medical theory, each season has an organ pair associated with it. For autumn, that pair is the lung and large intestine. Autumn is all about letting go, as the dropping acorns and leaves remind us. In terms of organs, the lung and large intestine are the body’s clearest examples of letting go. We can inhale, but we need to exhale so that we can inhale again. The large intestine, of course, is a very concrete demonstrator of releasing that which we no longer need.

The lung suffers from dryness (think of a dry, hacking cough and you’re likely to agree.) Here is Sally’s do-it-yourself recipe for a lung-moistening food, in three easy steps:

1. Cut pears in half
2. Bake with honey
3. Yum!!!!

V. Sally’s haiku

fall haiku pic

letting go of you
clouds dropped down their emptiness
pining in the mist


Wishing you health and peace,

Sally, Brian, Mary Beth, and Heather