Time of Giving Thanks

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, it is naturally a time to contemplate gratitude.  I love being in the daily practice of being grateful for the first breath upon waking.  It feels so nice to begin the day with that focused awareness.

The season of fall just so innately supports this gratitude.  The abundant harvest combines so well with the fresh clarity in the air as the leaves drop.

Following is a poem and a song by Barbara J. Pescan that I love.  I feel it so aptly captures the essence of gratitude in the fall.


May the glory of the passing away

of autumn

lie about us

fresh gold

for a time,

And when the dark comes, and the cold

may we remember how today we stand in glory,

how we walk in bounty

heaped upon earth’s dark carpet,

how we move knee deep in abundance

flung against night’s winter curtain.

We are thankful for its coming

and for its passing.

Let it be.