Chinese New Year 2016

With the coming new moon on February 8, we will welcome the year of the Fire Monkey!

Chinese New Year brings an opportunity to discard of the old, unwanted stuff from the previous year so that we can pave way for bringing in new dimensions of possibility in the new year.  It is a great time to purge non-useful items, clean out closets and pantries as we let go of the old and welcome the new.

It is a powerful time to set forth intentions as the new moon supports the clarity of vision.  The new moon energy aligns with the seed phase of an idea or project; so we thoughtfully plant our seeds of intention, trusting they will grow and flourish in the waxing moon and the many moons of the year.

In contemplating this Fire year, I want to share a few things about Fire and how to integrate it into our lives.  Fire is associated with the heart, warmth, joy, the color red, and the bitter flavor.  I certainly anticipate weaving some of these attributes into my intentions for the New Year.  And on a physiological level, I want to share this wonderful recipe I came across for chili oil.  It is red, bitter, certainly adds joy, and is a direct way of taking in Fire in a gentle and delicious way. Here it is:

How to Make Chili Oil



Many blessings of health, abundance, and prosperity to you in this New Year!